To bite or not to bite, that is the question.

1428189141330   With summer coming and living in a semi-tropical country we are dealing with a plague, a plague of mosquitoes.
How to deal with them, and what to do once bitten is on everybody’s mind.

mosquitoes can carry a host of diseases, but that only effects a smaller percenta1428189132419ge of the population.
The most annoying things about them to the majority of us are: the noise they make, and the itchiness of their bites.

In fact last night one kept me awake by periodically passing by and buzzing in my ear. . well more like tzzzzzzzzing. And last week my baby got 7 bites while she was sleeping only on the the left side of her face, and a swollen eyelid. From only one mosquito! (Our family has sweet blood)

There are various ways of dealing with them.
From incense coils(which have tar inside!), big mosquito zappers (including zapping fly swatters), mossie(1428189123839mosquito) pellets, Citronella air fresheners, torches, nets over beds, and fans as well.(You can always chase them and try to catch them by hand!)

Or growing a lot of Hair, many men rarely get bothered by mosquitoes because they are so hairy! I however, don’t relish the idea of turning into a monkey woman. I have also heard that eating more garlic makes your blood less appetizing for them. Unfortunately, although I eat a lot I still get bitten, also you might keep away a lot more than mosquitoes with your garlic breath!Burts-bees-bee-anti-itch-cream-5g.jpg_350x350

Then the creams/sprays: various ‘Off’s/Deet’s‘ which can be mildly poisonous. . To Citronella cream/spray, or patches and bracelets you can stick on kids.
These however are temporary fixes that you have to constantly continue with.

Then the after bite creams. . ‘anti itch’/’anti- swelling’ ones of various types, my favorite is a Burt’s Bees one. It is the healthiest one I have found, with instant and long term relief. You only have to apply it once and that’s it(at least for me). Or you could always try the inside of a 1428189131538banana skin.

But the question to bite, or not to bite is still there.

By this I mean, should you let a mosquito finish biting you after you notice it has started?
Itchiness comes from an allergic reaction to the mosquito saliva. It pumps it into your body as a blood thinner and then sucks up again with your blood. . . leaving a smaller bump then if you just shoo it away.

Can you sit around and wait that long? Or stand the slight sting/itching that first starts?

I have tried this a few times, however being a very active person It’s hard for me to wait around till’ that female has enough of my blood to make other blood suckers like her. And never with my kids as there is always the risk of disease transfer.1428189128388

So, to let that mosquito bite, or not bite is really up to you. Good luck.