The Stetson

1426738549087  You know how you have those days. . . not really a bad day, just a monotonous one.
I was having one of those days, and a Stetson changed it.

I had to ride a bike, catch a train, then take a bus and walk to my work.

All of which I didn’t mind doing, it just took time. . . a lot of it. By the time I had gotten to the walking part everything was dreary. There was a light rain, and my days just seemed to be blending into one big hunk of sameness.1426738548495

I noticed a man approaching me, obviously also walking to a destination.

  What was odd about him was that he was wearing
a Stetson (cowboy hat).
You might wonder “what is odd about that?”
Well, I live in Taiwan. .suburban Taiwan, rice paddies and straw hats are the norm. . .not Stetson’s!

  So this man wearing a Stetson starts to pass me by. By this time I have a smirk on my face.           He was no foreigner, just a Taiwanese man.

Then he tilted his hat (in a typical Texan salute) and said, “houdy ma’am”.
I was so shocked I burst out laughing.
He went on his way without even glancing

I laughed the whole way to work, and kept that grin on all day. . .in fact all week. I told others about the ‘Stetson Man’ and watched their monotonous day change, like mine had.
From one of those dreary days to a day of limitless possibility!

1426738547786    Recently I had been having another of those days, monotonous. .. while praying I remembered the man. It brought a smile back to my face and goofiness to my day.

   I realized how such a little thing brought me and others around me so much   laughter.
He stepped outside his normal life for that moment, to be goofy and wear that Stetson. Willing to act the fool to bring himself and others pleasure.

I am determined to do the same. Instead of excepting the monotony in life.

I will be goof1426738548185y, do the unexpected, refuse to be put in a box.
In short I will wear ‘A Stetson’.

(Nehemiah 8:10 b)
‘The joy of the lord is your strength.’